We want to thank you for the great job you both did in preparing for and implementing the two weeks of work in our home.  Kevin, we were amazed with how easy it was to work with you in setting up our contract.  It must have consumed a great deal of your time putting together the various businesses needed to complete the job and figuring out the fees for the contract.  We will never forget how conscientious you were in calling us for evening appointments on time after you put your children to bed!

Todd, we enjoyed getting to know you and your crew who spent so much time in our house.  The men who worked with you were unfailingly polite and did a good job cleaning up after themselves. Please pass on our sincere thanks to Larry, Dave, and Rich.  If we have forgotten anyone else, please forgive our senior moments.

Again, we were pleasantly surprised at how easy you made our experience.  It could have been an ordeal like we have heard about from some friends and relatives who have had work done in their homes.

We also found the sub-contractors easy to work with.  We got to know “The Plumbers,” Joe and Bob, better than any of the others.  It looks like they have done a great job. We have good hot water and look forward to regular, clean heat this winter.

The three of us in the house, including our friend living on the third floor, have noticed that the temperature inside is cooler than usual for summer, especially on the third floor.  The temperature seems to have evened out with that of the rest of the house.  It will be interesting to see what happens this winter!

Thanks again for all of your help.

David & Ginny