Orange Energy Solutions provides electrical services to our customers. The older housing stock in the Philadelphia area tends to have not only energy efficiency issues but also out-dated and potentially dangerous electrical wiring called Knob & Tube. Recessed-lighting and other old, energy-inneficient lighting fixtures are a great opportunity for an energy efficient upgrade. In the event that you lose power in one of the intense East Coast storms we are subject to, a properly installed emergency generator will keep your family and home safe and comfortable. 

A reliable supply of electricity is ever more important in homes as the use of computers, Internet, cable and fiber optic services, security systems, and medical devices is constantly growing.
Knob & tube wiring was a common method of electrical wiring through the mid 1900s in North America (this means there’s a chance your home has knob & tube wiring!).
Lighting makes up 20% to 25% of US energy consumption and somewhere between 15% and 25% of the energy consumption of a typical home.

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