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Excellent job was done in evaluating our home, proposing solutions, and then installing the solutions. Our heating and cooling bills have been remarkably lower this year as a result!

Linton S.
Swarthmore, PA
Blower door test, Energy Audit video
All of our Building Performance Institute (BPI) certified building analysts are exceptionally skilled in the performance of energy audits and home performance energy assessments.
Energy Conservation Code Compliance

If you are a builder or architect looking to have your building tested by a certified consultant, contact us.

Windows and Roof Insulation
Orange Energy Solutions provides a wide variety of services to architects and builders. We have the capacity to act as a consultant on your project to ensure all energy efficient measures are implemented in the best way possible.

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What an Audit Report Looks Like: Pt. 2

Monday, February 24, 2014
Roof Leaks discovered during an Energy Audit
Moisture issues within the home are not a matter to be taken lightly, as moisture in one area of the house could be causing mold growth and damage in an entirely different part of the house. Click the title above to learn more about the dangers of moisture infiltration.