Cellulose Insulation - Attic

Our comprehensive, whole house approach allows us to implement a wide variety of improvements which work together to make the building more comfortable, safe and efficient. We perform most of our core services with our own trained and certified employees.  In cases where specialized trades are required, we utilize the services of a trusted subcontractor with the experience and certifications required for the job.  By controlling the specifications and overseeing all aspects of the project, we ensure that all of the improvements work together to achieve the desired results.

Spray foam insulation, air sealing, caulking, fiberglass insulation

Homes burn through a staggering 21% of the energy used in the United States. Much of that energy is spent heating and cooling your home, and unfortunately, it's also spent heating and cooling your backyard and front porch through leaks and holes in your building envelope.

Spray foam insulation, fiberglass insulation, cellulose insulation, foam board insulation
Orange Energy Solutions typically recommends various types of insulation based on application, performance and budget. Closed or open-cell spray foam insulation, blown cellulose insulation and foam board insulation are among the most effective types of insulation.
White/Cool roof application to keep the home warm in winter months
Orange Energy Solutions has added white roof application to our extensive list of quality home performance options. This form of roofing is also known as cool roofing for their unique ability to cost-effectively create a more comfortable indoor environment and slash utility bills.
New windows & doors installed
From the perspective of cost-effectiveness, replacing windows and doors is usually lower on the to-do list than things like air sealing and insulation. However, sometimes new windows or doors are simply necessary.

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The 1600-square feet residence in Wayne, PA underwent extensive air sealing and insulation upgrades.
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