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May 9, 2014

During an energy audit at a house in Ardmore, I discovered that the game systems in the living room were not only still plugged in but were also still on. The small TV in the kitchen was constantly on, whether someone was watching it or not. These seemingly small uses of energy really add up and can have a huge impact on the electric bill – it’s always a good idea to turn off TVs and unplug devices like video game systems and computers when they're not in use.” – Kevin Love, Orange Energy Solutions Senior Building Analyst

The third section of the audit report will deal with how you and your family use energy in your home and ways you can save it. Your building analyst will take a look at recent utility bill data, if available, to determine if any lifestyle changes should be made in order to decrease the amount of money spent on utilities, such as electric and gas. The suggestions made in this section of the report are often considered low cost and relatively simple to install.

Of course, Orange Energy Solutions will be happy to implement these solutions on your behalf if you do not want to take on these tasks yourself.

Bringing down the cost of electric in your home can be done by simply changing incandescent light bulbs to CFL or LED lights. Just be sure to turn off lights in rooms that aren’t in use!

 To save money and lower your monthly water bill, you can:

  • Install low-flow shower heads and faucet aerators to reduce water usage and hot water demand.

  • Adjust your hot water temperature to 120 degrees or less, and insulate your hot water heater.

Use a power strip or unplug devices when they’re not in use, especially phone chargers, laptop chargers, computers, and game systems.

 Install programmable thermostats to help control the amount of oil, gas, and electric your home uses for heating and cooling when you are not home or are sleeping.

Use window dressings to control the amount of sunlight entering the home in the summer and create a barrier between you and the cold window surface in the winter.

 Upgrade your appliances to ENERGY STAR rated equipment.

Let us help you get your home in shape before summer gets here! Contact Orange Energy Solutions today with any questions and to schedule your home energy assessment.