A Major Renovation: Home on Chamounix Road

This residence on Chamounix Road in Philadelphia was originally built in 1958. Despite the new appearance of the renovation, a majority of the foundation and the first floor were able to be preserved; a first step in green construction. This is crucial in preventing materials from being diverted to landfills.

Renovations included a pool installation and many energy efficient upgrades. Cellulose and spray foam insulation were installed in most of the home’s walls as well as the attic and basement spaces to create a tighter building envelope. High efficiency heating and cooling systems were also installed. FSC (Forestry Stewardship Council)-certified lumber was used where possible and energy efficient windows were installed. Orange Energy Solutions voluntarily installed an in-ground storm water system to recharge the ground water with runoff from the roof and surrounding patios. This was an especially important step considering the sensitive waterway that borders the front of the property.