Tightening Up a Chester County Home

The family in this 2400-square feet home in Paoli, PA were experiencing significant discomfort, especially in the bedroom situated between an uninsulated garage and an attic. The family room was also prone to large temperature differences in winter and summer. Orange Energy conducted an energy audit that included a blower door test and infrared imaging to identify leaks and gaps in the building envelope.

The first step for the Orange Energy home performance crew was sheathing the knee walls with rigid foam board. Orange Energy also installed an attic hatch air sealing and insulation kit and weather stripped the attic’s second access point. The team also air sealed around recessed lights and installed a chimney balloon, which is a device that acts as a plug to prevent drafts from entering the home through the chimney.

To ensure the home would be properly ventilated after being tightened, Orange Energy re-routed the bathroom fan from the attic space to the exterior of the home. This keeps moisture from building up and mold from forming.

Once the work was complete, Orange Energy performed a follow-up blower door test and found a 24% reduction in draftiness. A less leaky home means savings on heating and cooling costs, as well as a considerable improvement to the thermal comfort of the home.

Though the homeowners were initially unsure about undertaking the project, they reported that they were pleased with the results and that the home felt more comfortable immediately after the improvements were finished.

What an Audit Report Looks Like: Pt. 1

Friday, February 7, 2014
Audit Report Part 1 covers health and safety issues discovered in your home, if there are any. Knob and tube wiring, carbon monoxide and gas leaks are relatively common findings during the energy audit.