White/Cool roof application to keep the home warm in winter months

You may be thinking that an added “benefit” of having a black asphalt roof during winter is the heat gain from the sun being transferred indoors. Using your roof as a means to heat your home in the winter is not ideal considering the outside temperature will drastically reduce the effectiveness of the roof's ability to heat your home. To ensure the home stays warm in winter, attic air sealing and insulation measures can be installed by our insulation contractors in conjunction with white roof application.

Recently, Orange Energy Solutions has added white roof application to our extensive list of quality home performance options. This form of roofing is also known as cool roofing for their unique ability to cost-effectively create a more comfortable indoor environment and slash utility bills.

Orange Energy uses a coating product developed by Acrymax which is located in Media, PA. This material is applied to rooftops to reduce the amount of heat absorbed, by reflecting 90% of sunlight, and thereby transferred to the upper floors of the building. White roof coatings alone can create a much more comfortable indoor environment during the summer. Coatings provide protection from abrasion, chemical attack, UV light, and a variety of other environmental factors

A white roof can make your home more comfortable. Find out how! 610-449-2444

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