Climate Zones of the US
May 25, 2016

Recommendations can vary house-to-house, state-to-state, and even country-to-country, so how are you supposed to compare your home to that of your neighbors?  See the chart above to determine where in you fit.  In our region of Pennsylvania, we face a cold climate for the majority of the year.  This is something easily combated by various forms of insulation and air sealing; however, if not done correctly, the issues of cold and moist weather could still effect your home and your family.

When your auditor provides you with recommendations, they are specific to your home but based on recommendations from similar homes in your climate.  For instance, most homes in the city of Philadelphia have what is called a "flat attic" which is typically a 10-12" space in between the roof and the ceiling of the top floor.  Many homeowners with this type of attic are completely unaware that they even have an attic because it is such a small void.  This space of the home is typically a major reason as to why homes in Philadelphia suffer from heat loss during the winter and heat gain during the summer.  There is a method called "dense-packing" which allows us to insulate spaces that we would not be able to fit a worker into.  This is the same method that is used for wall and garage ceiling insulation due to the very small cavities that need to be filled.

Overall our main goal to make our customers' homes more comfortable and energy efficient while taking the most efficient approaches by providing our customers with recommendations that are cost effective and necessary for the increasing the performance of each home.