Why Orange Energy Solutions?

Maintaining your home and making investments into various improvements is challenging as seemingly "must do" maintenance often conflicts with the desire to invest in "nice to have" improvements.  Finding the right balance; meeting budget constraints and making sure all add value to the home are important.  Finding the right partner to help identify, prioritize and perform the work has never been easier.  Orange Energy Solutions is the leading home performance contracting company in the Philadelphia area making homes safer, more efficient, more comortable and more durable.  Using our whole house approach, we view your house as a system to identify and prioritize the "must do" maintenance along with improvements that will add value to the home.

Step one is getting an energy audit or a home performance assessment. This is something our team recommends doing before making any energy improvements to your home, whether it be a heater replacement or getting some new windows and doors. An energy audit will tell our team (and you, too!) what the most important improvements are and it will also identify health and safety concerns, such as mold or carbon monoxide issues.

After the energy audit, we help you create a plan to make your home more energy efficient and safe. We’ll start with the more cost effective measures as priorities (barring any severe health and safety issues, which would be remedied as soon as possible). Air sealing around gaps and cracks and cleaning and tuning heating equipment, for example, can yield a high return on investment as compared to replacing your windows and your heating system.

Home performance and following the House-As-A-System approach to energy efficiency are important cornerstones of the Orange Energy Solutions mission and philosophy. If your home is performing at its best, you and your family are comfortable, safe, and can maintain your home inexpensively. By looking at the home as one working unit, we are able to make connections between mold in the attic, for example, and air infiltration in the basement. We believe in helping you get the highest return on your investment and keeping your investment as low as possible. 

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