Mold and mildew are fungi that grow in homes and buildings under damp or moist conditions. Mold spores live on organic material, which includes paper and wood. They also need moisture but not much; a plumbing leak or condensation on a window or poorly ventilated bathroom can be enough.

A wet basement, for example, is a perfect environment for mold growth. The mold spores can then travel into the rest of your home with the air moving into the basement through cracks and gaps. Mold, not unlike pollen and dust, can also irritate eyes, throat, and lungs.

Removing mold from an affected area almost always means removing the affected product itself. For example: if a roof leak leads to mold growing within existing insulation, the insulation itself must be removed in order to properly dispose of the mold. The leak would then be patched and sealed, the area thoroughly dried and the insulation replaced.

Condensation on a wooden window frame through a leak in the exterior wall may require replacement of the window frame, and potentially the window itself. Stopping leaks and water infiltration is the first step in ensuring mold growth can’t start or continue, and the team at Orange Energy happen to be experts in finding such leaks.